5 Simple Toddler Activities for Christmas

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These Christmas activities are super simple and use common household or inexpensive items to complete. They are all toddler friendly (aka simple and fun!).

1. Christmas Scoop and Transfer

www.twolittleamigos.com christmas

A favourite all throughout the year, this activity is given a Christmas twist. You will need several plastic balls in Christmas colours (red/green etc), a muffin tray, and a soup ladle (or similar).

You can substitute plastic balls for pom poms or even red and green blocks. The aim is for your toddler to scoop the balls out of one container and place them into another (the muffin tray).

2. Candy Cane Marble aRT

www.twolittleamigos.com christmas

This one is great because although it uses paint, it is somewhat contained and limits the potential mess.

You will need a shallow container such as a printer paper box lid, a baking tray or similar. Draw Christmas shapes on one side (the wrong side if paper is one sided), such as candy canes.

Place the paper into the tray with the candy cane templates face down (this ensures you will still be able to see the lines later even if the paint is applied to thickly). Put 1-2 marbles inside with a few dollops of paint. Now, shake, rattle and roll!

Once dry, cut along the template and display.

3. Puzzle Presents


This is a fantastic fine motor activity (think small muscle movements). Simply, take a puzzle and wrap each piece individually (Christmas wrapping paper is even better!).

The aim is for the toddler to unwrap the pieces (wrap loosely) and complete the puzzle.

4. Christmas Pegging

www.twolittleamigos.com christmas

Another fine motor activity using a handful of clothes pegs.

Cut out a few shapes such as stars and gingerbread men (I used cookie cutters to trace these shapes). Attach to the clothes pegs using tape, glue or Blu-tack.

Provide a space for your child to peg these up, such as a clothes line. Or make your own by tying thread between chair legs, posts, handles etc.

5. Christmas playdough

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The most simple of all.

Just bring out (or make) red and green playdough (add glitter if you’re brave). Set out with a few tools such as cookie cutters and let them explore.

Bonus points if you play Christmas music in the background during this activity.

And there you have it, 5 really simple and fun activities to do with your toddler this Christmas.

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www.twolittleamigos.com christmas

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