We’ve been playing with our Colour Box ever since we were gifted them by Homegrown Montessori a month ago.

A Montessori activity with so many possibilities:

colour matching, colour grading, colour naming…


Here’s why we love the Colour Box set:

  1. Durable and wooden – feel nice in your hand and sound amazing when knocking down like dominos!
  2. Safe for baby brother – who often steals a few.
  3. Simple design – less distracting than other commercial “toys” and also means less parts to break.
  4. Provides learning opportunities – like naming and grading colours..
  5. Storage – comes with its own wooden box for handy storage.
  6. Promote problem solving – such as fitting them back into their box or exploring building towers.
  7. Builds fine motor skills – a necessary skill to develop in the early years.
  8. Open ended – encourages imagination and creative play.

I particularly love that they are open ended. In the space of a month, my little amigo (2.5 yrs) has used them to match colours, match animals to the colours, make homes for animals, build towers, line them up and knock them down like dominos, build a road for cars, and most recently build highchairs for babies.

And can I just add, they look beautiful all lined up in their little wooden box.

This set would be a great addition to any play nook or learning space. Ours is from Homegrown Montessori.

Till next time,

Stay joyful


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