by Sally Sutton

Demolition is one of my 2 yr old’s favourite picture books at the moment. In fact, all Sally Sutton books are his favourite. In Demolition, an old building is torn down and a new playground built in its place. I decided to get a bit creative with picture book play this week and use our Picture Book Play Jar (remember it’s a free download!). So each day my little amigo pulled out a new stick and I created a book inspired activity based off the learning area or activity type listed.

1. Vocab Study

I chose to focus on the word “Demolition”. We discussed what it means to destroy/demolish/wreck. To make things really practical for him I gave him Dad’s hammer and showed him how to destroy a cardboard box. We related it to the pages in the story where the construction vehicles and wrecking ball are knocking and tearing down the building.

2. Letter Study

With my little amigo being only 2 yrs old and not that interested in letters, we kept it simple by hunting for letter ‘D’. We used a torch and shone the light every time we spotted a ‘D’. I held a flashcard up so he could refer to it as he hunted.

3. Science Understanding

When he first pulled this stick out I was a little stumped. Learning about the physics behind building things seemed a bit difficult. Thankful a re-read of the book, gave me an idea. One page in particular talked about how they sorted steel .We talked about different types of materials and their properties. Then we sorted metal and wood objects. He loved this one.

4. Retell to Sibling

This was adorable. I let him chose to read to a toy or to his baby brother. Guess which he chose :). Granted, being 2 there was a lot more sound effects than actual reading, but it’s all about exposure to books and making good memories with them.

5. Build

When the “build” stick was pulled out I knew exactly what we were going to build. Our very own wrecking ball, just like they used to knock the old building in the book. I tied an unused dog ball to a broom, which was suspended across two chairs. Then we built a tower out of bricks, and had a lot of fun knocking it down over and over again.

6. Location

At first I thought about visiting a building site, but there wasn’t any nearby. So we went to a playground. Just like the one they build on the site of the old building. I pointed out the nuts and bolts and we talked about what tools we thought the workers would have used. When we came home we re-read the story. We stayed on the playground page and talked about the different features of their playground and compared them to the one we went too earlier. This took up our whole morning, and it was great to see him so engaged and focused on a specific topic the whole time.

Till next time, stay joyful!


Book details:

Sutton, S (2012), Demolition, Walker Books Australia

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