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“Ducks:Picture Book Play Series”

Welcome to the Picture Book Play Series (Preschool 3-5yrs)! This unit is the first of many to come. If you want to grab your copy now click here.

Both my children have been fascinated with ducks from early on. So it was an obvious choice to create our first Picture Book Play unit about ducks and all those wonderful duck themed books such as “Five Little Ducks (various authors), Ducks Away (Mem Fox) and Clumsy Duck (Britta Teckentrup).

What is Picture Book Play?

Well, simply put, it is taking a good quality picture book and extending concepts in that book through hands on, creative and play based activities.

The focus is on activities that are worksheet free and use resources easily found in most houses. Occasionally, there are printables available, but these are optional and do not take away from learning if not used. These lessons are meant to be simple and fun. If you notice your student is losing interest or finds an activity difficult – stop or adjust it. Review of concepts is built in, so week one activities are easier that week two. Also included are extensions to certain activities if your student is ready for them. These lessons should typically take 20-30mins a day for 2 weeks and while they are outlined in a day to day format here, you can combine days or spread out one day over several, depending on your student and circumstances.

Want to see some sample activities from week one? Read on.

Introducing Vocabulary

One thing you’ll notice quickly, here at Two Little Amigos, is that we are purposeful about introducing vocabulary found in picture books. We recommend introducing the word/s before reading the book, so that students have an understanding of what it means and can better relate to the story as they listen along.

Included in the printable pack (part of the download when you purchase Ducks: Picture Book Play Series), is a reference card which you can print and laminate if desired.

Sorting Duck/Not A Duck

To introduce the concept of sorting, and reinforce the vocabulary (“duck”), students sort animals in a sensory bin filled with a “dry” base such as shredded paper or coloured rice.  Hide a variety of animals (make sure a lot are ducks) in the container. (Think toys, rubber ducks, puzzle pieces etc). Ask your student to first find the animals, then sort between duck or not a duck.

Optional: Print the animal cards included in the printables pack, laminate and use these instead.

Handprint Crafts

We’ve included two options for Duck handprint crafts. Both simple enough for little hands to do!

A) Tear blue paper, and glue to a different shade of blue paper. Trace around hand on yellow paper (going wider round thumb) OR do handprint with paint. Add bill and eyes with crayon or marker.

B) Paint a paper plate yellow using a cotton ball attached to a clothes peg as a brush. Trace around both hands on yellow paper and both feet on orange paper. Cut out and glue to paper plate. Draw on eyes and stick on orange triangle for duck bill.

Counting in Five-Frame

One of the activities in week one is to sing action rhymes that count 1-5 such as “Five Little Ducks”. Following on from this activity, count out five rubber ducks into a five frame made out of masking tape or use printable version available with purchase.

Matching Numerals with Sensory Play

The beauty of the Picture Book Play Series is that activities are play based and fun for little learners. Here is another sensory bin activity included in week one of the unit (it is a two week unit). This time, students find a duck in the sensory bin (such as uncooked rice), identify the number written on it, and match it to the number in the egg carton. Simple and fun, but it reinforces recognition of numerals 1-5.

Letter Dd

Letter Dd is a natural connection with books that feature ducks. Here at Two Little Amigos, we encourage introducing the letter name alongside the letter sound. E.g Letter D says /D/. We teach children that a cat says meow and a dog says woof, so it makes sense to teach them the letter names and their sounds together.

Students paint “dots” inside a letter D template by dabbing paint loaded cotton balls on clothes pegs (or a do-a dot stamper). The photo above shows a hand-drawn version, but the printable for this artwork is included when you purchase Ducks: Picture Book Play Series.

This was just a sneak peek inside the 2 week book inspired, play based unit for pre-schoolers.

Grab your full unit – Ducks: Picture Book Play Series now!

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