egg carton emergency vehicles

We went a bit crazy with egg carton crafts over our holidays. If you missed it, see our diy motorcycle here. Today, I’m stepping you through how we made our emergency vehicles – a fire engine, an ambulance and a police car. Our construction vehicle loving 2 yr old, suddenly became obsessed with firemen/fire engines. We had no emergency vehicles so we made our own!

What you need:

  • An egg carton per vehicle.
  • Cardboard (for wheels)
  • Red/blue bottle caps or pom poms
  • Hot Glue gun or PVA/Wood Glue.
  • Paint to match the colours of your emergency vehicle.

This activity does use a hot glue gun (or other strong glue), so exercise caution and good common sense when handling the glue gun around young children. In our house, the glue gun is only for adults at this stage. Ours is similar to this one.

Fire Engine- How to:

The fire engine was inspired by Sarah of @2little_lims . Click here to see the original post.

  1. Cut half of the lid. Leaving the front section in tact. Glue lid to base using hot glue gun or PVA.
  2. Paint egg carton red. Allow to dry.
  3. While drying, paint 6 black circles for the wheels (we used an egg cup to trace circles).
  4. Cut out “wheels” and glue to sides of egg carton.
  5. Decorate your fire engine with lights (bottle caps or pom poms), make a popsicle stick ladder and glue a piece of rope or strong thread as a hose.

Police Care/Ambulance – How to:

  1. Paint egg carton white and allow to dry. Note: depending on your paint, it may need two coats.
  2. While it dries, paint 4 black circles per vehicle. (We used an egg cup to trace the circles).
  3. Using sharp scissors or a stanly knife – cut the egg carton in half, remove the lid from one half, then overlap the pieces and glue back together. (So you only have 8 egg cups showing).
  4. Glue on wheels, and decorate with bottle caps or pom poms for lights. Paint black windows.

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