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Over the Christmas break, my husband and our two year old worked together to create their very own DIY egg carton motorcycle!

Ahh, egg cartons. The essential recycled element to a good holiday project with the little ones. We have many more crafts and projects coming your way so stay tuned!

This activity does use a hot glue gun (or other strong glue), so exercise caution and good common sense when handling the glue gun around young children. In our house, the glue gun is only for adults at this stage. Ours is similar to this one.

You will need:

  • an clean recycled egg carton
  • 2 clean recycled toilet paper rolls (or cardboard tubes cut up)
  • 4 craft sticks (paddle pop sticks)
  • 2 strips of cardstock
  • sharp scissors
  • hot glue gun or strong glue such as clear wood glue. (PVA will work short term, but the bike may fall apart after some use).
  • paint in the colours of your choice.

How to:

  1. Cut your egg carton into sections as shown below. 2 x L-Shapes to become the body, 1 x mound (or another egg cup) to become the headlight, 1 x small rectangle to become the seat, and 1 x longer rectangle with a pointed edge to hold it all together underneath.

2. Glue the L-shaped pieces together.

Egg Carton motorbike DIY for kids

3. Paint the egg carton to resemble a bike, headlights, and a seat.

Egg carton motorbike for kids

4. Paint 2 toilet paper rolls and 4 craft sticks black for the wheels/handle bars and exhaust.

5. Stuff the toilet rolls with paper (leaving roughly 1cm gap from open edge on both sides. Make small slits in both sides of the toilet rolls, and fold over and glue together.

6. Glue the toilet paper rolls to the base of the egg carton bike. Glue two of the craft sticks together, and then glue near the headlight to form the handlebars. Roll two small strips of paper (we used tin foil stuck to cardstock to give a silver look) and glue onto two of the craft sticks to form the exhaust pipes.

DIY Egg Carton Motorcycle for kids.

Hope you enjoy making your own DIY Egg Carton Motorcycle’s with your little ones. Let me know if you make one yourself. I’d love to see!

Till next time,

Stay joyful


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