Craft Templates Basics Bundle




About the Product:

Craft Templates Basics, provides a quick and easy art activity for those just exploring the world of art and practicing their fine motor skills. These templates are very easy to match to picture books where a letter, number or shape is featured.

When presented with an outline to work with, little learners often leave loads of white space or spend hours filling every little part. Craft Templates Basics, takes away the added stress and mess this can bring! These templates are designed with small circles to show students where to place the chosen art medium while working on fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination.

Suggested materials:
Dabber, Pom-Poms, Q-Tips, Scrunched Crepe Paper, Finger Prints, Paint, Sequins, Paper Squares… the possibilities are endless!


*Capital Letters (A-Z)

*Lowercase Letters (A-Z)

*Numbers (0-20)

*2D Shapes (circle, triangle, square, rectangle, diamond, oval, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, nonagon, decagon)


For a Free Sample click here – Numbers 0-5

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