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About the Product:

Ducks: Picture Book Play Series. See a sneak peek of week one on the blog.

The units within the Picture Book Play Series are all book inspired and play based. They use easily accessible resources that are commonly found in most households.

The Ducks unit is inspired by, and will work best with books such as, “Five Little Ducks” (Various Authors). Another good book that will compliment this unit well is, “Ducks Away” (Mem Fox).

This unit provides approximately 2 weeks’ worth of learning experiences for 3-5yr olds. Each “day” should last no more than 20-30mins over the course of 10 days. The nature of the unit means the educator can easily combine days, or omit lessons and still find activities meaningful for the students. Extensions are provided where necessary for older students or those finding the initial activity easy.

Embedded in the learning activities are fine motor, gross motor, sensory and artistic opportunities.

Concepts covered in this unit:


*Retelling a familiar story

*Responding to simple questions about a familiar story

*Vocab study: Duck

*Letter Dd


*Counting 1-5




*Early Measurement skills


*Basic features of Ducks

*Float vs Sink

*Visiting a local pond/creek.

Biblical Connection

*God created animals – caring for Gods creatures.


Also included in the download is an optional printables pack (in case you don’t have one of the household items required or are working with a larger group of students).

These include 10 printables such as a Duck reference card, animal sorting cards, Letter Dd templates, and so much more.

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