Picture Book Play Jar eBook


Free eBook explaining our simple system for more engaging picture book play.


Our system for simple picture book play.

This eBook teaches you how to set up your own Picture Book Play Jar in your home or classroom.

It’s our system for simple, stream-lined, and more creative picture book play.

Copy the learning areas onto craft sticks and place into a tin or jar. When you wish to extend your student through book based learning, simply select your book, pull out a stick and let that learning area guide you for that days activity. This way you are not always doing small worlds or letter studies and so on.

For a more in-depth look see here: Picture Book Play Jar.

In the eBook you get:

*Step by step guide on how to use and make the jar.

*Pre-made labels that will fit around a standard 400g tin/can. OR you can do what I did and use your child’s art.

*List of words/phrases to write onto craft sticks.

*Detailed explanation of each word/phases.

*An example of each stick in action using the well known story, “Old MacDonald had a Farm.”

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